Macarons have my heart


125g powdered or icing sugar
125g granulated sugar
80g of egg whites (2-3 eggs)
125g Powdered almond
50g of water

1. Mix the powdered sugar and almond together in a bowl.

2. Heat the granulated sugar and water to 118 degrees Celsius in a separate bowl

3. Use a hand mixer to mix the egg whites until fluffy 

4. Add the water gradually into the mixture and mix

5. Add flavouring, colouring and any other ingredient of your choice to the mixture

6. Fold in the almond into the colourful mixture, in one direction

7. Place a baking sheet on your baking tray and pipe generously

8. Tap the baking tray a few times on the working surface to help the Macaron mixture settle and to break any air bubble, then leave it to dry for 10 minutes- the surface of the Macaron should be smooth and shiny

9. Bake the Macarons in the preheated oven for about 20 minutes. The Macarons are cooked when they feel firm and have slightly risen. Leave it to cool.

The filling varies. But, the chocolate filling works just fine

Ingredients: Chocolate Ganache

100g cream

200g cooking chocolate

1. Heat 100g of cream for about 10 minutes in a pot and set it aside

2. Add 200g of cooking chocolate into the pot (the pot should be out of the fire)

3. Let it cool and put it in the fridge

4. Turn it into a small piping bag

5. Sandwich your Macarons with the chocolate filling and enjoy your Macaron experience!

I hope the recipe helps 🙂


3 Comments Add yours

  1. mindsorandom says:

    Gonna try this sometime. What temperature should the oven be set at?

    1. saudatatta says:

      Hii, you should pre-heat your oven to 285 degrees F (140 degrees C).

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