The City of Love

2014-11-15 19.57.07

Paris is such a beautiful, welcoming and pleasant city. You don’t even have to be in love to feel the love the city draws. Definitely one of the best places ever. In one day, I got to tour the city, thanks to my very welcoming friends.

Pictures 🙂

The first stop was Arc de Triomphe, famous for its history and architecture. We got down from the bus and saw people just admiring the beautiful monument and taking pictures.

2014-11-15 14.53.30  After that, we went to the Christmas market, where we bought an over-sized sandwich. We were a bit disappointed with the amount of unpleasant mustard it had. We compensated ourselves with a doughnut and moved on to The Eiffel Tour. Oh! This was one of the most beautiful part of the whole trip. It was so tall, bright, beautiful and real. I fell in love with it immediately. Let’s fall in love with food and places please.  Haha, okay so we also visited the famous Champs-Elysees, deep down I was expecting to see a celebrity there lol but it was such an expensive and modern street with various shops. We also visited other places like la Defense and Louvre Pyramid. The Pyramid was soo gorgeous! words can’t explain how beautiful and loving it was! Then a professional shoot was going on at the exact time. So, I took pictures of that too.2014-11-15 18.37.48 2014-11-15 19.57.07 2014-11-15 20.06.20 2014-11-04 16.41.43

Oh Yes! I saw these perfect desserts! Like, how can desserts be this neat, perfect and beautiful. Haha, that’s why it was in a show glass. I just had to take a picture. I feel like putting a fork in this would be too painful.

2014-11-15 15.21.27

2014-11-15 15.38.40

2014-11-15 17.26.34


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  1. looks like you got loads done in a day! thanks for sharing – great post. those desserts made me hungry…

    1. saudatatta says:

      Yes quite a lot….haha yes, they are soo perfect!

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